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Foster Your Business Bootcamp 

When:  November 3rd, 2016
Where: Hendricks Tavern, 1305 Old Northern Blvd Roslyn, NY 11576
Time: Start time:  10am till 2pm *NOTE TIME & PRICE CHANGE

Need a boost for your business or feel the need to connect to other women in the business world?  This hands-on workshop will inspire, educate and motivate you by giving you all of the tools, strategies and energy you need to start, grow or boost your business. Whether you are an executive, an existing business owner, or someone that has always dreamed of starting a business, this bootcamp will boost you and your passions to the next level.  With a roster of engaging, funny and educational content, you'll leave this day feeling inspired and motivated for immediate implementation.  

The day features a Networking Breakfast followed by three industry experts that are engaging, funny and educational.  They will have you striking power poses, stepping out of your comfort zone and positioning yourself for future success both offline and online.  The day ends with a delicious Networking lunch where you can start utilizing your new skills immediately.

When you sign up, you will also be registered for 6 Live Webinars on a series of topics such as Business Basics for Start-ups, Finding your Purpose and Defining your WHY, SEO and Social Media Tips and Tricks, Public Relations and Time Management. Can't attend the live webinar dates and times?  You'll be given VIP access to download the webinars to watch at your convenience.  





Stacee Mandeville

The Power or Public Speaking 

Stacee's passion for public speaking comes across from the second you meet her.  She's taken the art of coaching both entrepreneurs and professionals to a level of FUN!  Stacee will give you the tips and tools that will have you dominating not just an entire audience but any room you walk into.  

With over 16 years of experience, Stacee has delivered communication skills coaching to executives on many continents. She specializes in body language control and "executive presence" while presenting or pitching under pressure. She has had the pleasure of working with individuals across multiple industries at many Fortune 500 Companies.  She has used her accumulated experiences, combined with her theater background, to create the Red Leaf Coaching. (, click here.

Owner/Founder- Red Leaf Coaching

Lou Diamond

Mastering the Art of Connecting 

From one connector to another, Lou is a Master when it comes to putting great people in touch with other great people.  His authenticity, energy and enthusiasm for what he does along with his unwavering passion and desire for helping people overcome their fear in Sales and achieve their dreams. He will send you on your way feeling as though you can conquer the world.... and make tons of great new connections doing it. 

Aside from selling everything under the sun for most of his adult life, Lou Diamond is an energetic, comical, inspirational, not-afraid-to-get-his hands dirty leader and coach.  Lou believes he is one of the most fortunate individuals on the planet as he gets to work with some of the most incredible people and make them be even more amazing. His authenticity is only matched by his passion and desire to help others achieve their dreams.  He is the author of the soon to be released book ‘Master the Art of Connecting’ and one of the most powerful ‘connectors’ you’ll ever encounter.

Leader and Coach

Katie Fogarty

Building Your Brand Persona 

Katie is passionate about creating content that catapults professional development, grows brands and delivers engaged fans.  As an entrepreneur and communications strategist with years in the political and entertainment worlds, she will transforms your professional identity with custom content, killer headlines, and powerful optimization on LinkedIn and beyond.

Everyone -- and every business -- has a story to tell. Yet translating vision and information into compelling messaging often requires a helping hand.  Katie is an entrepreneur and communications strategist who runs Reboot, a personal branding and business consultancy. She is the creator of LinkedIn Reboot™ and Reboot for Business™, which transform professional identities with custom content, killer headlines, and powerful optimization on LinkedIn and beyond.


In her past life, she wrote for morning TV news, global PR firm clientele and for a U.S. Senator. Now she is passionate about creating content that catapults professional development, grows brands and delivers engaged fans.

Founder, Reboot

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Track 101 - Getting Your Business Off The Ground

Finding Your Purpose.... Your Why with Hayley Foster - November 4th @ 10am

When it comes to being inspired to do what you love to do, Hayley not only talks the talk but she walks the walk.  After realizing her passion for Fostering smart, driven women, Hayley launched a new career to do what she is truly meant to be doing.  She lives her WHY everyday and does it with true authenticity.  Hayley has helped hundreds of women find their purpose, uncover their 'why' and live the life they are meant to be living.    

Business Basics for Getting Started with Deb Miraglia - November 4th @ 11:30am

There are not may people that can take a stale subject like 'bookkeeping' and 'accounting' and make it interesting... but Deb can.  She helps her clients understand the basics you need in order to start your business off on the right track.  From understanding the different tax implications of an LLC vs. a Corp, to learning how to read a P&L and Balance Sheet, and the 10 key financial tools you need to get your business off the ground.  Deb makes it fun and easy to grasp.  

Setting up Social with Sydney Stein and Taylor Rohwedder - November 7th @ 10am

Sydney and Taylor are experts when it comes to setting up your social.  These two smart and savvy women grew up in the digital age and understand the importance and benefits that a solid social strategy can have on your business, no matter how small it is.  With their experience in Seach Engine Optimization, their keen eye for design and creativity with content, they will have you up and running and tracking your progress like a pro.   

Track 201 - The Boost Your Business Needs

Solid Strategies for SEO with Steven Matt - November 7th @ 11:30am

Steven is a master when it comes to educating small businesses on the importance of getting your website ranked higher on search engines.  Not only is he a teacher at a NYC school on the subject, but he's been consulting businesses in his spare time between teaching and his full time job as a Director of Digital Marketing.  Steven takes the fear and unknown out of SEO and makes it easy to understand and implement.  

Master Your Message with Jana Raphael-McDonough  - November 9th @ 10am

Jana has been pitching stories to the media for close to 20 years.  She knows the in's and the out's and what editors and newscasters are looking for in a story.   She will share her knowledge and provide you with insights on how to get heard and how to make your pitch relevant to the person you're pitching to.  She will also share some great ways to get FREE PR and become a go-to for local reporters.   

How to Sustain Your Business, Set Goals and Be Accountable with Hayley Foster - November 9th @ 11:30am

Now that you've got a business up and running, keeping yourself and your business on track is your full time job.  Many of us wear other hats and juggle schedules of family, husband and kids.  In addition, running a business alone leaves you to be accountable to nobody but yourself which can often lead to procrastination and avoiding the tasks that you know you should do but just don't 'want' to do.  This Webinar, by Hayley Foster, will provide you with time management tools, steps for setting goals and finding the right partner to hold you accountable.    

Upon registering for the event, you will be supplied with a link to sign up for the webinars listed above.  Don't worry if you can't participate in the live events, you can download and watch them any time at your convenience. 

All 6 Webinars are included in the cost for the event.  

Webinar Presentations by: 

Deb Miraglia

Deborah Miraglia, is all about the numbers and has been for the past 30 years.  Deb is a financial adviser, teacher and Quickbooks Pro.  She's been able to take a boring/confusing subject like accounting and get many business owners to understand and appreciate the profound impact good books can have on their business intelligence. Deborah stragetizes and advises small businesses to help them get the most from their numbers in order to make financially sound business decisions.  At the Business Development Center at Hofstra University, Deborah teaches the financial portion of the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program.  

Quickbooks Expert and Financial Strategist

Steven Matt

Steven Matt is a natural leader and educator with the ability to cultivate creativity and inspire ambition in the people he works with.  Steven consults small business owners on how to effectively set up and manage your online presense through SEO, Content Strategy and Email Marketing.  Steven is the owner of a digital marketing agency called Previously, Steven was the Vice President of Digital Marketing at JPMorgan Chase & Co and a Digital Producer at mcgarrybowen and Y&R advertising agencies.  Steven has a Master’s Degree in Management & Technology from NYU and BA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. 

SEO- Founder, Tell Me Your Goal

Sydney Stein

Sydney Dalis Stein grew up in the digital age and has been helping clients to make an impact online since the day she graduated from college.  From planning website growth strategies to increasing exposure across social platforms, she provides small businesses with everything they needs to build a targeted, loyal base and community of advocates for your brand.   Working for a boutique web development agency, Sydney was responsible for building and managing the social media and writing divisions, as well as project managing SEO campaigns and website builds. Currently, Sydney is launching her own business and is looking forward to guiding small business owners in their quest through the digital space!  In her free time, Sydney likes to brainstorm app development ideas, is a huge music fan and avid skier.  

Social Media Guru

Taylor Rohwedder

Taylor Rohwedder has a passion for digital, writing and marketing.  Mix those together and you get a woman that writes great marketing content for social media.  She began her career in marketing working in-house for a small local brand, aiding a re-branding effort to grow the company to 5+ stores across Manhattan. She later began working exclusively for small local business in the New York City area, helping them increase their digital presence through social media and other online platforms. She now lives and works in Brooklyn for a boutique web development company, continuing to stay abreast of the latest trends and technology to further her own digital marketing knowledge and that of the clients she services.

Social Media Guru

Jana Raphael McDonough

Jana has been in the PR business for the past 15 years, focusing her efforts on the fashion, beauty and accessories worlds.  When it comes to putting yourself and your brand out there, Jana knows who to talk to and how to talk to them.  During her time in PR, she's been responsible for pitching and securing positive press coverage for all clients on all media platforms including TV, Print, Digital and Blogs.  During her career, she has worked on some of the most glamorous, high fashion brands in the world, connecting her to media sources and developing long term relationships that she still holds onto today.  Jana will give you the knowledge and the connections you need to put yourself out there and make the most compelling pitch possible.   

Public Relations Expert

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