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Networking & Business Consultant Services 


Foster Consulting works with women-owned businesses to set goals, define visions and achieve success.  Our team provides insights, strategies, and leadership development to obtain better results and put businesses on a growth trajectory.  

Peer-to-Peer Advisory Groups

One on One Fostering

Value Based Networking

Our Advisory Groups consist of business owners at different stages in their businesses. We meet throughout the month in a group setting to work on business issues, ideas and strategies.


Based on the size of your business, there are two levels of membership:

 - Concierge

 - Premium


Benefits Include:

 - Monthly or Bi-monthly group meetings

 - One on One Fostering

 - Private Facebook Group

 - Weekly Accountability Buddy Checks

 - Connections/Referrals from Group

 - Access to Curated Resource Pool

 - Value Based Networking event

 - Profile Feature on 



Sometimes you just need a sounding board - someone to share your ideas with, talk through issues to gain some clarity or another set of eyes and ears (and brains too).


Through one-on-one Fostering, we will work together to tackle the things that you need and want out of your life and your business. 


We focus on everything from general business topics, social media direction, building business plans to financial guidance and legal resources.  


No matter what your business is facing, we will Foster it together.

Finding the right connection isn't so easy. We don't just Foster businesses, we Foster connections and relationships.  Our networking events bring more than just a room full of smart (and fun) women together, we bring in content that you can bring back to your life and your business.  


Whether you're an Entreprenuer or you work for an organization, the resources at these events, can be used to guide anyone towards success and reaching their goals - whether personal or business.  


The added bonus.... you get to meet great Women that you'll want to work with time and time again.  GIRL Power!

I have enjoyed getting to know Hayley Foster and the inspiring women in her group. Hayley provides a supportive atmosphere where women help women set business goals and succeed ...and then celebrate those successes!  Any current or prospective entrepreneur should definitely consider her courses, workshops and Advisory Groups.

Christine Hogan, Esq.


Whether you have your own business or you have an idea and don't know where to start, please check out my friend Hayley Foster. Her courses, bootcamps and FosterU is just what you need. She is not only my friend, but a talented and authentic business coach and mentor. 

Jennifer Fitzgerald Deluca

Glam Mom NY

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We celebrate our successes!

A talented and authentic business coach

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