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10 Tips to Find and Pursue Your GRIT

This week, we focused on GRIT. When I think about how to explain GRIT, I think of the traits used to define someone the exemplifies it: Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity. All four of these traits contribute to the pursuit of your goals NO MATTER WHAT.

What are some ways we can develop, recover, pursue, and persist with our goals?

1 - Giving up is not an option. GRIT is about getting right back up when you fall. When you are passionate about something and you want to succeed, you push through till the end.

2 - Remind yourself of why you started that journey in the first place.

3 - In order to grow and recover, we must be stronger than our failures. Whatever they have on us, we need to move past them and rise above them.

4 - If the same rough patch keeps coming back to you, try and pose a different solution or way to move past it. Don’t let it get to you!

You can’t embody GRIT, without the GRIND! (Click To Tweet)

How can you GRIND more?

1 - Push a little bit harder with your goals.

2 - Go the extra mile.

3 - Take that risk.

4 - Go above and beyond.

5 - Have fun with your journey! This is where your instinct comes to play: do whatever you can do to make pursuing that goal a little more enjoyable and resisting giving up….

6 - Giving up is NOT AN OPTION.

I’ve had some really hard times in business. Times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, call it quits, and get rid of everything in my path. But, that’s not what entrepreneurs do. We have tenacity. We are determined and persistent. We figure it out, we grind, and we push through the hard times. We must develop, recover, pursue, and persist.

This week, show us your GRIT!

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