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Fostering Your Life To Make You RICHER

It's not often I sit down to write a post without any real direction as to what I'm going to write about. Today, I felt the need to write about that thing called LIFE..... and how so many times we take each day for granted. What if you woke up one morning and were told you only had a short time left. What would you do? Who would you spend that time with and how would you spend it? What would you do to leave this world 'Richer'? I posted this quote the other day but forgot to put my comments underneath it when it was scheduled months ago....

"To Leave This World Richer, That Is The Ultimate Success" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

What I neglected to write underneath it was.... "How do you define RICHER?" Is it money? Status? Memories? Fulfillment? Love? We each have our own answer to this and whatever you choose is yours. But in my stream of consciousness this morning while dropping three kids off at school that were arguing the entire time, I thought about how much they, even when I'm ready to kill them all, enRICH my life. It's so hard, while in the moment, to appreciate them, which is why I didn't actually appreciate it until I got home to a quiet and peaceful house and thought, those little f'ers certainly do make life more interesting, challenging and memorable. They make life Richer.

I spend my days with women helping them to become 'richer' in ways that isn't just about money. They spend their time working on businesses that they 'chose' to start because it was a path they found fulfilling. They put tremendous effort into their companies and in return it allows them to be there for their spouses and children and gives their lives meaning and purpose. So many of them are not just enriching their own lives, but are enriching other peoples lives as a result of what they do. And I can honestly say, that they all enrich mine as well.

A few weeks ago, we were playing the game of LIFE with the kids and I had picked two 'career' cards and had to make a choice between them. One was a Rocket Scientist making $100k a year and the other was a Farmer making $90k a year. I chose the farmer. One of the kids was BAFFLED by my choice since the object of the game was to make the most money. I tried to explain that being a Rocket Scientist wouldn't bring me any joy in life and that being a farmer was a lot more fulfilling for me. Of course, that's not something you can easily explain to a 9 year old, highly competitive, somewhat materialistic child. I may not have won the game (we actually ended early so there was no clear winner) but my point was made and one I will continue to reinforce to our children..... 'It's not always money that will make you richer, it's about the way you choose to live your life, to bring in happiness, help others, make memories and love with all of your heart'. Do what makes you happy and you'll never have to work a day in your life. So I ask you this, how do you make your life richer and if you had to leave this world tomorrow, would you leave it feeling RICHER? What can you start doing today, to make that change?

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