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Foster Your Business in 2017

I thought the title might be a draw. For some reason, I always find that writing a post for WTHayley comes so much easier than writing a post for my business. Maybe it's because I feel I can be more 'raw', as opposed to more 'professional'. I initially started WTHayley because I felt the need to vent during a difficult time in my life. It was my outlet. Now, Foster Inc. is my outlet and so WTHayley has sadly been pushed to the back burner and doesn't get much action.

I felt the need to test my audience and see what gets more play, a blog on WTHayley or a blog post on So, I'm pushing this out to both. If you only follow me on one, feel free to sign up to follow me on the other.... and thank you in advance, it's always fun to see the email opt-in's no matter where they are coming from.

I f'in love December. Not just because the smell of pine in my living room makes me feel warm and fuzzy or the twinkling lights outside that brighten up my home (sorry Rabbi), but more so because it means the end of one thing and the beginning of another. While the school year and the Jewish New Year also give me a similar sense of a 'fresh start', January is a whole other animal.

I use December for myself and for my groups as a time to reflect, analyze and project. We look at the highs, the lows, the lessons and the themes and then determine what we want to take with us into next year and what we want to leave behind. It's like a cleanse, a facial scrub, a cold shower, a long run.... Whatever you want to relate to that makes you feel like you've hit the 'refresh' button.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, I'd like to share with you some of the insights and lessons learned from the women that I meet with monthly to 'FOSTER' their businesses. Here are some of their lessons from 2016:

  • There’s no substitute for hard work

  • Be honest with yourself about what you're capable of

  • Don’t over promise what you can’t deliver

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate

  • Trust is earned over time, not overnight

  • Don’t give away your time, you'll never get it back

  • Networking leads to a network and a network leads to growth

  • Embrace the people that need you

  • You can't do it all on your own, so don't try

  • Accept that everyone has a path. Know what yours is. Follow it where ever it may lead.

  • What you think you want and what you need may be different... and that's ok

  • Be fluid.... not hard and fast

  • You can’t fix or change others, but you can advise, guide, support and if that doesn't work you can move on

  • Make money on the things you know YOU KNOW instead of giving them away for free

  • Be Consistent

  • Show up

  • Be more discerning (Viveka)

  • Take Risks

  • Hire and surround yourself with great people

  • Hold people accountable, including yourself. And if you can't, find an accountability buddy.

  • Set boundaries

  • Consistency leads to effectiveness

  • Stay humble with success

  • Make time for yourSELF

  • Things always feel better in a community

So many great lessons for anyone at any level of business.

Now.... It's your turn.

Look ahead to January as a time to step forward, outside of your comfort zone, and plan for the things that YOU WANT to achieve in the year ahead. What did you learn in 2016? What do you want to take forward into 2017? If resolutions aren't your thing, then just make a list, post it someone you can see it every day and set small attainable weekly or monthly goals that you can achieve. Reward yourself for the small successes. Don't try to shoot for the moon - it's pretty f'in far away, reach for the sky instead.

One thing I love to do that helps me is to use a visualization technique. Sit down(in a quiet spot), close your eyes and think about your business as if it's a year from now and you've had an amazing year.... Then ask yourself - what does that look like.... how did I get through this awesome year.... what steps did I take to get here.... what were my hurdles and what propelled me forward. Write it down and use it in your planning process. Let it motivate you. It typically never happens that you talk yourself 'OUT' of what you want.

After doing this visualization myself, I've set up some great new programs for my business in 2017. Just to give you a little tease.... watch out for my '12 Months of Fostering' kicking off in Janaury, podcasts from women who have BTDT (been there done that), and 'FosterWomen Success Stories'... just to name a few.

Sign up and stay tuned. 2017 is going to be an amazing year!

-- Happy and Healthy from WTHayley and Foster Inc.

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