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Authenticity in Business..... starts with WHY

Authenticity is something that I talk about a lot. Just as we don’t try to be someone we’re not when it comes to forming relationships with people, we can’t try and sell ourselves as something we’re NOT when it comes to forming relationships with our customers.

In the world of selling ourselves, we often hear people talking about three very important words… ‘know, like and trust’… three things that are required in order for us to successfully do long-term business with someone. We certainly aren’t going to do business or get into relationships with people or brands that we don’t know, don’t like and don’t trust.

When it comes to positioning yourself and your company, establishing your sales pitch, your marketing message and your branding in an authentic way is crucial. After all, you’re starting a relationship with your customer and in order to make it a lasting commitment, your authenticity should be carried through to every touchpoint.

The best way to do that is to get your customer engaged in the part of their brain that generates feelings… that’s right, hit them in their emotional soft spot.

This may sound a little crazy in a world where we are so disconnected from each other because of the way we operate these days with our devices but given that disconnect, it’s even more important now than it ever has been.

The big question is, how do you make that emotional connection with your customer in order to get them to ‘know, like and trust you’ so that they do business with you?

The answer is ‘be your authentic self’ when selling your brand, your services or yourself. How do you do that? Tell your customers ‘why’ you do what you do before you tell them what you do and how you do it. Get personal, get deep and get connected with them in a way that they can relate to you as a 'person'. Simon Sinek, author of one of my all time favorite books 'Start With Why', goes into a much deeper explanation of this in his book and on his website:

One of my clients initially came to me pitching her services as, 'I run cooking workshops for moms'. As a mom, that was somewhat appealing to me but then I asked her 'why'. Her response was 'as a mom, I know how stressful meal planning can be'. When I probed deeper and asked her what moms walk away with, we got to the heart of her 'elevator pitch'. Now when you ask her what she does her answer is 'I take the stress out of meal planning for busy moms by teaching them tips and tricks to make quick and easy meals for their families'. Now that speaks to me on so many levels - as a mom, as someone in charge of the meal planning, as a busy person and as someone that has no tricks in the kitchen.

In a few weeks, I’m running a networking event where women will first learn how to find their why, rewrite their elevator pitches and sell themselves from an place of ‘authenticity’. Then they’ll engage in a round of fast-paced, high energy and fun filled speed networking with other business women and entrepreneurs. It’s sure to be an amazing evening.

Due to the nature of this event, space is limited so don't delay in getting your tickets.

For more information and tickets to the event, click here:

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