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The Final Countdown

I’m less than three weeks away from launching my first book. Holy crap!!! Some days I wake up and can not believe how quickly I was able to crank through it and then how much dedication of time and energy I needed in order to get it done. Writing this book was fuel to my fire. Since as long as I can remember, ‘Writing a Book’ has been on my bucket list and I am so close to the finish line of being able to say ‘It’s Done’.


What made it possible was the support network that I surrounded myself with. My amazing, loving and adoring husband who is my all time biggest fan. My group of women that signed onto this with me and kept me going through late nights, long writing sprints, showing up and keeping me company while they wrote along side me. One of the best parts of this journey was running into friends around town and getting asked…. how’s the book coming? Are you done yet? When is it launching? When can I read it? These questions motivated me and the people asking became my mental cheerleaders. I even got my kids involved and shared with them my daily page count. During the thick of writing, they'd bounce into the car or the house after school curious to know how many pages I wrote that day. They became excited as the numbers got higher and higher. We all celebrated my milestones together and when it was off to the editors, we did a dance together - more like a jump for joy that Mommy was BACK.

When we commit to something, something as big as getting a book written, we truly need all the help, cheerleaders and support we can get. We need to surround ourselves with people that are going to lift us up and when we have nothing left to give, they are the ones that will push our asses across the finish line.

There is something to be said for the power of support and especially the power of social media. Putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way and sharing your dreams with others does not come easy for some - although I'm pretty ok with it. I want to thank everyone who liked or commented on my covers and my bio, provided me with honest input and those that have cheered me on and supported me on this journey. While I’d like to say that I’m going quiet now that the book is almost done, I can't. This is the big push. In the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me as I begin to promote the book, ask you all to purchase it (pretty please) and then hopefully see your faces at the book launch event(save the date of 5/5), a book workshop or some other fun book related thing.

So, thank you… from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and love on this incredible journey. The best it yet to come. #19daystilllaunch

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