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Foster Your Passion Softcover Book

Foster Your Passion Softcover Book


Hayley Foster, Business Coach and Author of Foster Your Passion, will share her tools and strategies for finding your passion and applying it to the everyday so you can live a life of meaning and purpose.  In Foster Your Passion, Hayley engages, entertains and empowers her readers through personal stories and lessons she's learned throughout her life and her career. By reading her book or attending a workshop, you will discover how to:

• define your vision to craft a personal mission statement
• shift your mindset to embrace fears and jump out of your comfort zone
• trust your gut and not your ovaries to make better decisions 
• unleash more confidence and power in all aspects of life  
• manage and optimize your most valuable resource...time…to be able to accomplish more than you think you can
    ...And so much more!

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