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Foster Your Passion - Available on

May 27th, 2018

Foster Your Passion: A Guide To Finding Your Passion And The Tools You Need To Foster It.  In her book, Hayley engages and entertains her readers through personal stories and lessons she's learned throughout her life and her career. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a college grad or a mom looking to jump back into the workforce, Hayley provides you with insights and strategies that motivate and inspire.  Whether you're an entrepreneur, a college grad or a woman looking to jump back into the workforce, Hayley provides you with insights and strategies that motivate and inspire readers at all ages and stages of life and career.  Click here to get a copy:

*If you'd like a signed book, please click here.

Fostering Our Girls

November, 2017 @ NXT GEN 

Entrepreneurs and business women in Port Washington came together to introduce, educate and inform young girls about different industries and career choices with the goal of raising strong, confident, supportive and powerful girls that will go after what they want in life.   Women represented industries such as fashion, media, marketing, education, engineering, construction and finance.  The girls selected three different industries to learn about and moved around the room throughout the night.  The event was a huge success with over 50 people in attendance but more importantly, the girls left with great ideas and met some truly inspiring women.

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Foster Your Business Bootcamp

November, 2016

A combination of speakers ranging from a Sales Coach, a Public Speaking Guru and a LinkedIn Profile Expert, came together for a morning of Fostering women business owners.  The bootcamp was followed up by a week of webinars featuring speakers on covering all the fundaments you need to know about starting, growing and sustaining your business.  

Foster Inc. on Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

October, 2017

A great conversation with Hayley and her good friend Lou Diamond about being a woman and what it takes to Thrive as a business woman, a mom and a do-er.  

News Paper Article: Making A Day For Bethany House And More 
July 27, 2016


Foster Inc. went above and beyond to bring two women from a local non-profit that helps homeless women get back on track, to particpate in a photo shoot with a NYC photographer. "Part of growing one's business means putting your best face out their on business websites and marketing materials..."  


Click on the image to get a closer look. 

Stay Regular: with Hayley Foster – “Not a Man’s World Anymore” 
April 2016

Hayley was honored to be asked to be a part of the web series Stay Regular by Birch Coffee - her favorite coffee shop in NYC owned by Paul Schlader and Jeremy Lyman. She had a great time speaking with Paul about the start up of her business, "Truth is, it's not a mans world anymore!!!"  She not only spoke about the paths she took towards entrepreneurship, but also the daily obstacles that she had overcome before taking those steps and how she keeps her head clear and finds her creative space. Hayley talks about how important it is to surround yourself with people who will inspire you and expressed the importance of networking. 


What Fostering Is All About
May 5, 2016


Watch this short video of Hayley explaining why what she does is so important to her. Fostering is her passion and helping others foster their passions is what she truly loves to do on a daily basis.  "Love what you do and you'll never have to work a day in your life."i

GetINTUIT Podcast with Tina Conroy

July 29, 2015


Click the link to the left to listen to my most recent Podcast with Tina Conroy, Intuitive/Angel Reader, Reiki Master Teacher,Spiritual Counselor and Yoga Teacher. We talked about the importance of mentors in our lives, the benefits of having a support network and learning how to act on your intuition. 


Networking and Public Speaking tips 
March 2015


Women on the North Shore of Long Island come together at Foster Inc. events for a fun and educational night of networking. Public Speaking coach Stacee Mandeville gave a 40 minute presentation on How to perfect your Public Speaking Skills and Hayley Foster shared her tips on how to successfully network. Women Entrepreneurs, working women and Hayley Foster's Advisory Group Women talk about the great work she's doing to help Women Owned Businesses and how she brings the community together.



April Event- Food, Fitness, Fashion and Fostering 

April 30, 2015 


Our April event, “Food, Fitness, Fashion and Fostering,” highlighted the importance of trying to fit eating right, staying fit, and looking fabulous into the busy schedules we have. Myself, along with Shannon Healy, owner of CrossFit Port Washington and Sara Siskind, founder of Hands on Healthy, held a panel discussion to give tips on getting a workout in daily and making healthy food choices, while still having time to pick the kids up at school and get work done. The underlying theme... we work to help women feel better about themselves in one way or another and teach them how to fit everything into their busy schedules.


To get some more tips from the event from myself, Shannon, Sara and Leslie check out my latest post by clicking here 



LIU - Women's Achievement Luncheon

March 30, 2015


Speaking Engagement:  I was asked to be the keynote speaker at the LIU Women's Achievement Luncheon to address the students and faculty that had been nominated for outstanding achievements.  I spoke about my history in business, my path to entrepreneurship and some of the key lessons I learned along the way.  I provided insights and advice on following your passions, surrounding yourself with a solid support system, and the importance of networking and making connections.  I also touched on the importance of finding mentors, what your body language says about your confidence and tricked the audience into two standing ovations.  

March Event - Networking & Public Speaking Tips

March 24, 2015


Our March value-based networking event featured a 15 minute presentation by Hayley Foster on 'How to Master your Networking Skills' followed by a 40 minute session on 'Fine Tuning your Body Language for Powerful Public Speaking' by the hilarious and energetic Stacee Mandeville.  


"The evening was engaging and provided great tips.  Even though I thought I was already a great public speaker, I learned so many new tricks."  - Health Coach

"Stacee brought such amazing energy to the room and to the topic.  What a great way to spend a Tuesday night".  - Entreprenuer, Girls Atheletics Business 

"Hayley's events are fun and she brings together a great group of women every time.  I love making new connections through these events and have gotten some great business contacts out of it."  - Financial Consultant

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