Let's Work Together!

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I'm Hayley! Call me your business consultant or business coach or your not-so-silent business partner. I'm here to give you the tools you need and guide you on your journey to building a business and life you love.

Looking for Your Tribe?

 Foster Women 

When you find your tribe of like-minded women, you're at home. Our community of women are looking to serve and support other women-owned businesses. Multiply your network with just one click, get the tools you need with our bi-weekly education sessions and grow your business to a whole new level. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.

Feeling Stuck?

 Deep Dive Sessions 

Want someone to work with you hand in hand to get you aligned, set goals and dive deep into your business strategy?  Our Deep Dive sessions are structured to look at the big picture of your business and then dive deep into what might be holding you back.  We work on how to overcome the roadblocks and put together a tactical plan that moves you and your business in the direction towards more money and greater success. 


Ready to Level Up?

Breakthrough Academy  

In 12 Weeks, you can take your life and your business to the next level.  

With guidance, accountability practices, support, and tangible business strategies and tactics, we work together weekly over the course of 12-weeks to adjust your mindset, find your focus, set your goals, make a plan and execute.  

What Others Are Saying

About their experience

“I loved that the initial strategy session that got me to thinking deeper about my business and what I want to achieve over the next 12 weeks instead of the next 12 months.  I was able to act on things more quickly knowing the deadlines were close.”

-Organizational Consultant

“So many things about this group worked for me... the women, the planning, the timeframe and the committment I had to make to myself and my business.  Working in a silo isn't easy and this group pulled me out of that and got me to work ON my business and not just IN it.”

-Service Industry

“The accountability and support of the group kept me on my toes and constantly feeling driven and motivated and most importantly, supported by other women that are in the same boat as I am. Hayley leads by example and provides strategies and tools for growth that have helped me get to the next level.”

-Event Planner

Business Consulting Services

Are you ready to

Get to the Next Level

Have you been looking for someone that 'gets it'? Someone that has been through the struggle and understands what it's like to be a mom, entrepreneur, wife and homemaker all at the same time?


Or someone that can give you the nudge you need to push you outside of your comfort zone to do the scary things? Someone to support and guide you?

Have you been looking for someone to teach you the right strategies and get you into a mindset for success?

Girlfriend, this is the place for you.

Join our tribe, adjust your mindset, find your focus, set your goals,

make a plan and EXECUTE!

...And feel like you've got your SHIT together!

The 12-Week 


Get Super Focused

Deep Dive


Strategy Sessions

Need a business partner without really having a business partner?  

Looking for someone to bounce ideas off of?


Want someone to help guide you more closely?  


Sign up for an intensive Deep Dive Session with Hayley Foster to get personal 1on1 business consulting.  


3 hours of DeepDive - $750

Half-Day 4 Hour Session - $900

Full Day 6 Hour Intensive - $1,700


The 12-Week
Breakthrough Academy

Share Wins

Discuss Goals

Get Support

Be Held Accountable

The GROWTH Track to break through what's holding you back and grow your business in 12 Weeks! 


Space Is Limited to 10-15 Women!


Need more than weekly accountability?  Want to see some serious changes in your life and your business?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if after these 12-weeks...

You could wake up each morning knowing how to set yourself up for success?

You know what tasks you need to do to accomplish your goals?

Your business is running smoothly without you feeling overwhelmed?

You’ve found a tribe of other like minded women that ‘get it’?

You’re on your way to hitting the income you desire and deserve?

Join the 12-Week Breakthrough Academy! 


Join Our Tribe

Become a Foster Woman

We foster businesses, we foster relationships, we foster connections but most importantly, we foster each other.


The mission for FosterWomen.com is to build a platform for women business owners to have a place to tell their stories, find inspiration, connect with other women business owners to support and learn from each other.  

By becoming a member on our platform, you join an amazing community of other like-minded, inspiring women and have the ability to:

  • find and connect with new resources

  • ​build your brand

  • futher promote your business through social media

  • drive traffic to your website

  • inspire others to follow their passions

The membership will give you access to:

  • Facebook group of all women in the FosterWomen network - with close to 200 working women and entrepreneurs.... and growing

  • Discount pricing on Webinars, Events, Workshops, Fostering Sessions

  • Opportunity to promote your business at our Events 

  • Provide thought leadership content to the consortium as a featured Speaker and Content Provider on our TuesdayTips Webinars

  • Featured Speaker and Content Provider at future webinars and events

  • Discounts on services and products offered by other women in the FW community

By clicking below, you can purchase a 1-year Membership for just $149 and be automatically linked in to our network.