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Trusting Your Gut: Open Yourself To Intuition With Tina Conroy

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

FYP 18 | Trust Your Intuition

Some people say intuition and spirituality, like the sixth sense, is something hereditary or passed on from generations. Spiritual teacher, Tina Conroy believes otherwise. She believes that everyone has some sort of spiritual intuition and they just need to awaken it. Like basketball, anyone can play it, but you have to really practice if you want to be the next Jordan. Join your host, Hayley Foster and her guest, Tina Conroy on how to trust your intuition. Tina is the lead wellness instructor, Reiki Master, and intuitive yoga teacher of Northwell Health. Open your mind and your senses for today’s episode and learn how to trust your intuition.


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Trusting Your Gut: Open Yourself To Intuition With Tina Conroy

I am here with the amazing intuitive woman, Tina Conroy. We were talking about how the first show I ever recorded with Tina was the first show I ever recorded for somebody else and for myself. It got me into loving the whole show thing. I was telling her before I was so hungover. I don't even know how I did the job that I did on that show. I still have it and I listened to it. I was like, “It’s pretty impressive.” I ended up making it through it. It was so much fun and it flew by. I remember being nervous. It's funny. Now, I jump on. If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you, which was my previous show with Sherene, which was awesome. We were talking about how the things that challenge us are the things that change us. We have been challenged technologically. We get knocked down and we can get back up again.

You did a great job. Thank you for that information. I would never have guessed that you were hungover. You were amazing. I love that I was in your first show. You were having the first guest. That was back in 2016. I look at you now and you're podcasting, on Instagram, doing Reels, which I have to pick your brain on because I have no idea and in Clubhouse. I love it all. Here we are still plugging away. I always love what you do and support what you do. I've been a foster woman for quite some time. I'm very proud to say that.

I appreciate your support. Thank you for always being a foster woman. You’re showing up at local events, which is what I truly love about my business, even though I've brought in many new people from all over the country. I still love my local people. I love hugging, which was a very difficult thing to not do during the pandemic. We had our little bubble. Thankfully, my stepson's mom was here and I was able to hug another human aside from my husband. That was hard for me. I'm a people person. I've kept my business where it is for so long because I really love that connection of the face-to-face, being able to see you guys, sit around a T-ball, and feel that energy in a room. I've always hesitated about being virtual and then you get into a situation.

A couple of years ago, I started doing some virtual groups and then you get into a situation like the pandemic, which is ironic even though my business was virtual. I was in this position where I was like, “I really don't know if I should be outreaching to do consulting for women.” We were all in this place of like, “What the hell does the future look like?” I put it on pause for nine months. I didn't touch my business, which is crazy. This isn't about me. We're going to move on. I revamped it. Here we are. The show is back up and running. I'm recording again. It's super fun. I love it. I missed it. I get to connect with women like you that are amazing.

Let's take a journey back in time. I want to know from you how you knew that this was in you? I want to tell a quick, funny story. I was on Clubhouse. I was on mute and I sneezed. In my head, I'm thinking to myself, “I'm glad I didn't pee on myself.” I do that. I'm a mom. I have two puppies. Every now and then, I'll laugh, sneeze, or cough and then pee happens. I got up. I went to the bathroom. I peed and then I came back to Clubhouse. A new person was talking and she happened to be talking about the pelvic floor. She was a pelvic floor coach. Here was my intuition maybe in some way. I thought it was a funny story to share. I've always felt I've had a sixth sense and I feel my dad's presence and things like that. I want to talk about you and I want to know how you realize that this was something that was in you.

First of all, I want to piggyback on a moment that you said that you put your business on pause for nine months and you came back. That's an intuitive moment and hit. That alone, you listen to your gut and inner guidance system. What happened with Clubhouse are what we call synchronicities. Noticing the synchronicities and the signs. You'd say like, “Why did that happen?” Energy is always flowing and always moving. There are always the signs, always around. Signs could be from your dad like past loved ones. It also could be things that you need to say to someone. You may hear it over and over again. I wanted to acknowledge that.

I'll go back a little bit. It's important to always acknowledge it. When you acknowledge it and you're aware of it, more of it will happen. You're developing it more and more. What put me on the intuitive journey, I should say, or being passionate teaching about intuition and developing it more for myself was as a child, and you'll hear this a lot, that children, in general, are very intuitive. You'll hear children say what was on their mind. They're not filtered. Some children will talk about imaginary friends. As we get older, say around this age of seven, they go to school.

You don't want to be abnormal or talk differently. For me, I don't really remember having imaginary friends, seeing spirit, or seeing anything like that but I do remember when I was a young teen, I would say between like 10 and 12-ish. I felt the spirit. I can say that now then I didn't think I had an awareness about it. I think I was afraid of the dark. I was brought up Catholic, although not very ultra-Catholic. We didn't go to church but I did go to Catholic school. I felt a presence in my room. I didn't feel I was alone. There, I thought it had to be the devil and I was going to hell. What else could it be?

I want to know what you were doing why that was crossing your mind at that age.

It was like, “There's something bad. What could it be?” I only knew the religious context of it. As time went on, I had prophetic dreams. In college, I had a very prophetic dream that I speak about often on many interviews. I was dating my husband. We were dating at the time in college. I had a full-on dream of he was being chased. To make a long story short, calling the fraternity, not on a cell phone, on a landline, me saying, “Did all these things happen?” A little bit more than that, he was shocked. Things like that would happen from time to time.

I was a young mom at 24. I had two kids by 29. I walked into a yoga studio to save my mental health. Yoga saved my life. I started doing and practicing yoga. That led me to Reiki. Reiki led me to this work. I consider my spirit guided me along the way like, “This is safe. Let's do this.” When I started to receive and learn Reiki for others and give a Reiki treatment, I kept seeing images in my mind. I would feel and hear things. Besides thinking I was going crazy, I knew there was something more. I think anything else, most people then say, “I need a mentor or I need some development.”

I wanted to be honest about it. I didn't want to be the long island medium or some crackpot. I’m also a mom. Who am I coming out of the spiritual closet? This has been an evolution. When you start to say, “These are the things I'm doing or feeling.” Everything was an evolution. Yoga led to Reiki. Reiki led to card readings. I was safe to say angel card reading. Now, I don't use any cards. I might do it for fun. If I give a reading, it's all really tapping into your energy body or maybe tapping into your past loved ones that have passed. That's what kept leading me. I kept following the breadcrumbs and listening to that inner voice.

Along the way, as I was building my career, building my business, getting more confidence in myself, stepping more, and out of the spiritual closet, I realized I was so intrigued with intuition to help other women. I think that's where we met. How can I get this feeling across to everybody, this concept across that we're all intuitive, especially women? That's who I work with my population and know that how can intuition make our lives richer and more exciting. Why would you want to develop intuition? That put me on that path. We all have intuition. We have varying ranges of developing it. If you have a desire to develop it and once you develop it, it's like going to the gym. I know you're a big gym-goer. If you go and you start lifting a weight, over time, you're going to see the results. It’s the same thing with intuition. Intuition is that sixth sense. They say, historically, women have more intuition or deeper intuition, women's intuition, or mother's intuition. Any moms or women in general that are reading, we have a heightened sense. I feel that's because not that men don't, it’s that we're more open to that feminine quality. We're open to the yin, the flow we're a little bit more allowing. This is a difference between male and female. We have both male and female energy.

I'm excited that I get to do this work full-time and share intuition with people. I like to say that intuition is for you. When you get an intuitive hit like you did, “I'm going to put my business on pause for nine months,” and then you’re like, “I’m ready.” Intuitions for us. Psyche because when you're picking up information about somebody else. Mediumship is getting that information from someone that's passed. It's almost like, “Dad is in spirit. Dad's speaking to me. I'm going to translate that the best I can to tell you.” There's a three-way communication. With psychic, I'm picking up your energy, what's going on with you, present so forth. It’s exciting stuff.

As I said before, I definitely feel like I have a very strong intuitive sense. I also see it in my kids. My mom always says this too. I'll call my mom and she's like, “You got the vibe.” My mom and I have this sync with each other where I always get her feeling, and I'm like, “I need to call my mom.” I get that from my kids too. I know it may sound crazy to some people. Sometimes, Jackson will say something to me that is completely like, “I don't even know why I should be thinking about it but I'm thinking about it.” It's not like I've said it out loud or anything and it comes out of nowhere. Marley does the same thing. I feel like my girls have that intuitive sense as well. Would you say that it's a genetic thing?

FYP 18 | Trust Your Intuition
Trust Your Intuition: Historically, women have more intuition because they’re more open to the feminine quality of the heightened senses.

There are so many rules of thought on this. Some people will say that it's completely genetic. There are two rules. There's this controversy. It's genetic. You have to be gifted. Your grandmother had it and your mother had it, and it gets passed down. There's this whole other rule of thought. We are in this Aquarian age and look at all that's happened that, “We all have it. We're all got this vibe.” I'm talking consciously about where we are in the world and times that everybody is raising up their vibration. Your girls are in this next generation. We're all raising up and we're re-vibing on a different level. You've always had it but maybe now yours is increasing and you and the girls have that vibe going on.

I love that you have the vibe. I have that with my son and daughter in different ways. My son and I speak telepathically to each other. Literally, there have been times where I'm like, “You need to call me.” In my mind, I’m speaking to him and then a phone call is coming. He's like, “We got that thing, mom.” I'll hear a song, I'll go to text him, and he's already texting me. How many times does that happen? I personally believe that, even though my grandmother did have prophetic dreams and I guess you would call her psychic. I didn't know that back then, but I do feel everybody has the ability to develop this. To what level? I could play basketball and not be Michael Jordan but I might be a pretty good basketball player. It's like that.

What I love about it is the fact that you even have that with your mom and the girls. The more you're aware of it and you'd let them speak about it, the more it will assist them in their life. The thing about intuition is really cool. I had to read a study and do a talk about this. I was finding a lot of facts. More people are intuitive, even the things about Steve Job. Intuitive people are more successful. They're happier. They make better decisions. They have mostly better relationships and they're more fulfilled. I want that. I want all those things. It's exciting to keep doing and keep developing it. What I would say to people is, the biggest thing I get is I'm afraid to develop my intuition because something bad might happen. It's possible that you might have a dream and may come true but there are so many other wonderful things. Look at all the positives. If you look at the positive, you get the positive. If you're looking at the negative, you get the negative.

I don't believe in negative energy and all this other stuff. If you'd asked me years ago, I might be like, “There are ghosts and hauntings. That's the thing for another day.” I don't believe in that at all only because I can speak to people that passed. Don't be afraid of them, be afraid of people. I always joke and say, “You may have had a difficult relationship with them, but they're in a good place. Don't be afraid of them. They're not here haunting us. Be afraid of the regular people that are walking around.”

I always say, my dad, his hand is always on my shoulder guiding me. I feel that. Take three right now is better than take one. I feel like there is a reason why take one did not work and take two did not work because this conversation is better than the previous conversation we had. Someone didn’t want conversation number one to be our episode.

I do feel that. The fact that you're open to that and you know that exists and you have. I love talking about this and this is where the conversation is going. They help us orchestrate from the other side. They're there to orchestrate, guide and assist. You might physically feel them. When I say feel them like feel a hug or know what they would feel like. Sometimes, you might smell them, have a cologne, or have a thought of them. I think people dismiss this. If you have a heavy thought about them, it's interesting how that day might play out or song. The more you speak about them and to them, the more you are making that relationship. Everybody can do this and connect to their loved ones. It's allowing yourself to know that it's there. Once you pass the bridge of, “I know they're there and I can connect with them,” there are people that like, “No, they're not there.” I'm not trying to make any skeptic non-believer. Once you know that, it's a different relationship.

It's like a light. For me, it is that embrace, comfort, and guidance. You mentioned this that I have a chapter in my book called Trust Your Gut. I'm a big believer in if it doesn't feel right, it's not right. We say this to our kids too like, “If it doesn't feel like it's something you should be doing, then you shouldn't be doing it.” Your gut is the database of all of the knowledge that you've had up until this point. It's the epicenter of your emotions. When something is about to happen or you're about to do something, it triggers the emotion before your brain can actually register what it is you're about to do. The emotion hits you in the gut as this visceral feeling of, “Should I do this? Should I not do this? Does it feel right? Does it not feel right?” As you were saying before, when you trust that instinct, that gut, that intuition, it does lead you to be a more confident and happier human because you trust yourself.

That's it. What's interesting to say is, we've all been there. You could probably think of a time where you didn't trust your gut, you did something else, or you didn't do what you thought you should do it. Those are the lessons also that strengthen your intuition because you can actually look back on. It's like a business. You can look back on business and say, “I tried to launch this and for whatever reasons, it didn't happen.” You learn from that and you move on. You don't crumble and close the doors. It's the same with intuition. Think of the times that you didn't listen and it didn't go your way. Now, you can look back and say, “Now I'm going to listen.” There’s always learning and development.

One of my favorite things that I do, I do it myself and with my students. As I say, this sounds simple, but not everyone does it. Take a little notebook or a pad, walk around, and anytime you have those synchronistic moments, if you think of your dad or when you were on the Clubhouse and there's a synchronistic event, write that down. It may seem so silly but the more that you're aware of it and you write it down on paper, you're saying to the universe, “I'm open for miracles and synchronicities.” You're right. The successful people that are happier and have listened to their gut, we can call it many things gut, intuition, higher self, some people might call it God outside of themselves, we are a spirit in the body. We're living and people that have passed still have a spirit body. They’re just on the other side. Maybe they’re cured on the other piece of the paper.

I would say my dad is always watching except for the moments he should not be watching.

I get that a lot. I feel like, “Are they watching them?” They're watching when they need to. The best part of the healing that I find, again, I'm the translator, is when I can bring a spirit through. They can say you would be the sitter. That's what they consider you, a sitter. You can bring the spirit through and the spirit can say something to meet it and translate it that you did. What they're doing is they're showing continuity of life. For example, this is not a reading and I'm not in a reading space, if I said to you, “I have your dad here. I give you a couple of evidential information. He saw you booked a trip and you were going to Florida. You were about to book this plane and you switched to that plane.”

You're like, “I did that.” That's the stuff that I love to share when it comes through. It shows that person like, “They're really here with me,” even if you're a believer. The messages and the continuity of life for me have helped many people heal. I did a reading and this woman's husband had passed. I'm like, “He's talking about the tattoo. You have a tattoo.” She turned out and she goes, “I got it.” I was like, “Thank you.” How could I know that? He needed to say like, “I want to recognize this.” I got chills. I'm like, “You're getting another one too.” She's like, “Yes, Thursday. I'm getting another one.” I'm still like life is afterlife. We go on. Our spirit goes on or soul goes on. There's a lot of healing with that.

I spoke with my mom whose flying from Florida. I was going to book her on Monday but I decided to book her on Sunday because it's Father's Day.

I guess I was pulling something in there and I'm like, “No, I'm not in a reading mode.” Thank you, dad.

That's so funny. I was like, “Is she really saying this right now?”

FYP 18 | Trust Your Intuition
Trust Your Intuition: Spirits are there to orchestrate people from the other side.

Here I am taking a pseudo thing and I'm like, “I don't know why am I saying this now but I'm going to say it.” That's how it happens. It's like, “I'm going to say this about the trip.”

I didn't realize it was Father's Day. I was like, “Don't come Monday. Come Sunday. It's Father's Day. It will be so nice for you to be here.” That’s so funny that you said that. We’ve talked about this that I’ve been into card reading. My grandfather, rest in peace, and my mom too, when she was younger, used to do Ouija boards. It was big. She always said like, “I had to stop doing it because I didn't want to talk to the people that were showing up.” It started to freak her out. She pulled back from doing it.

There’s a lot of tools that people believe. They used Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Pendulums, Ouija boards, and some few other things. Those are what I call divination tools. They can assist and help. I think that along the journey, they can be very helpful. It's also, again, a little guided in. I hid behind cards. I love Oracle cards. I'm saying it again that one day, I'm going to make my card deck. I also hid behind them a bit to be raw and real and be like, “This is what's going on.” We’d have an evolution of how we learn. For anyone, if they're ever interested in this stuff, mediumship and spiritualism goes way back. There are some amazing books out if you're interested in people history buffs. It's pretty cool stuff. You can read table tipping. It's fun reading.

We'll have to get a book list from you.

It’ll be a favorite book list of spiritualism and spiritual topics.

Is that on your website?

No, it's not. I'll give you a bunch and you can list them. It’s a lot of fun for information.

That’s good content for you to put out there, too, sharing stuff like that. It's a whole another conversation.

You're always fostering me. Thank you.

It’s not just you. Maybe this is my intuition. I'll be doing something and I'll ping. Even if it's someone I haven't spoken to in a while, I'm like, “I saw this Instagram person. I think it would be really good for you to follow and use a mentor.” I'll take a screenshot and send it to somebody, even if I haven't worked with them for years. I always have my women in my head all the time. That's how I roll. Let's talk women intuition. If somebody wants to start building this muscle, can you give three tips that they can start doing in order to start working on this side of themselves?

What I would say is the notebook. I said it before but that’s really key. Don't think it, don't be like, “That was cool.” I was texting my daughter and she was texting me back. No, write it down. There is something about kinesthetically writing it through your body. If it’s not writing, put it on your phone. I call it intuitive hits journal or intuitive hits notebook. Every day, write down the things that come up. There are things that you may not even think are intuitive, write them down and they'll make more sense. I'm a meditator. I know everyone doesn't like that word meditate but take a pause in your day.

It doesn't have to be a full-on meditation, clearly not an hour. I know no one seems to have the time. Get yourself into a state. It may be a seated meditation. It could be a walking meditation. If you're a runner, it could be running, swimming, or being outside. Get outside, turn off your devices, and get a little quiet. Get to know what your energy and what's the other energy. I don't mean spirit, other people's energy. By doing that is to get quiet. Pick what you like. If it's meditation, let it be meditation. If it's going on a walk in nature, let it be nature. That would be my second one.

My third one would be, this ties to the first one, when you get the hits or these things that connect, say thank you, acknowledge them, and trust the process. It's very easy to say, “I asked for a rainbow and I saw a rainbow. It was on Instagram but that doesn't count.” Trust the process. The more you trust the process, the more it's going to happen. One of the biggest things I get is I can't trust it. I don't know how to trust my intuition. I can't teach that. I can guide and facilitate it but the only one that's going to make you trust is yourself. Be open to the process. Open your mind and heart. I always say to people like, “What would be the worst thing to not believe it? Trust it.” If you ask for a rainbow and you get a rainbow on an Instagram feed, the back of a bumper, or in the sky, take it. A lot of people like, “That didn't really count. Now, I'm going to ask for a red cardinal.”

They start playing this sign game. One of the books I love. Again, I'm no affiliation at all. Laura Lynne Jackson, everyone knows her from Goop. She was a medium on Goop. I Love her. I’ve done some work with her. Her book Signs is such a great book. It’s a nice, easy book. A lot of people would like to read it. It's a lot of fun. One more thing that I would say is I am doing a Notice the Signs Intuition. It's a virtual workshop. It ties into this. It's relatively priced. It’s a $25 virtual workshop.

Can you put it on the Foster Women Facebook page? I want people to start using that page to promote their stuff.

FYP 18 | Trust Your Intuition
Trust Your Intuition: Take a notebook, walk around and every time you have a synchronistic moment, and write it down. You’re telling the universe that you’re open to miracles.

I absolutely will. It's June 6th, 2021, Notice the Signs: Awaken your Intuition. It's 12:00 to 2:00. It's a Zoom event. We're going to talk about these things. The Clair's and how to enhance your intuition. It's pretty affordable. I'll put all that information in there.

Thank you for sharing. It's funny when you said to trust the process. I don't even know why I was thinking about this. To be perfectly honest with you, I forgot that we were doing this. It wasn't like you were on my mind when I was running. The thought in my head went back to a bad joke where someone asks God for a sign, he died, and he got to heaven. He says to God, like, “I asked you to send me a sign.” He's like, “I sent you a life raft and you were waiting for some bigger sign.”

I don't even remember what I was thinking about. That thought went through my head on my run. It was funny because I wasn't putting two of those things together on my run, which is my quiet time. Sometimes, I'll be doing laps around the gym and I don't remember what lap I'm on. My head gets quiet. What I like to say is it's actually my meditation time. I started narrowing my focus and thinking about something deeply. It's because nothing else is in there cluttering it so that thought can come through. I turned to the person running with me. I'm like, “How many laps is that?” It completely was in my head running or I'm doing reps and I'm not even counting the reps because I'm thinking. During my run, I had this feeling of, “That was the sign from God. Trust it.”

I know exactly the meme or whatever you said. It's like, God keeps asking. He's like, “I gave you the boat. You didn't want the boat. I gave you the airplane. You didn't want the airplane. I gave you the lifeboat.” He's like, “Right.” I think a lot of this exactly is. I say, “We don't see air but we trust that air is there.” Trust the process. When you trust the process, it's magical. I love saying that word. Why can't we say it's magical, believe in miracles, and know there is much more to this? When we can open our eyes up to that, we can apply that to whatever you do, just who you are. Trust it. Trust yourself. Those would be like my top three things to do.

I think that this pandemic was a way for all of us to take pause, get clarity on how fast we were all moving, and what we were all doing. I got an email about this women's group. She was talking about how 1 out of 4 women are not going back to the life that they had before the pandemic. I was like, “That's not a bad thing.” Most people were doing crap they didn't want to be doing. They were commuting to a job that they didn't love. The silver lining of this pandemic was eye-opening. It wasn't for us in Port Washington, New York. It was all over the world at the same time, where we all got the biggest pauses of our lives to slow the crap down.

You are absolutely right. You hit the nail on the nose. I think that what we're going to see, especially that we're maybe coming out of it, hopefully, is that many people, you're going to have company is saying, “It's time to come back.” They’re like, “I don't want to spend four hours commuting a day.” I can look at it personally. My husband used to travel. He was working and commuting every day. We have all this time now. We could take a drive to the beach and we play with the puppy, things we weren't able to do. Going back like, “What are we going back to?” Our whole mindset has changed. The other thing that's really changed is many people have embraced meditation and spirituality. There's been a lot of bad too. Not doing healthy things, but wanting that. I can't tell you how many Reiki programs and meditation programs that I never thought would take off the ground that are all virtual. Everything is virtual.

This is the perfect note to end on. I’m super grateful that you are here. Everyone, thanks for reading. Tina, the Intuitive Woman.

Thank you. Have a great one.

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About Tina Conroy

FYP 18 | Trust Your Intuition

At an early age, she realized that she inherited her psychic grandmother’s gift of prophetic dreams – visions that were always vivid, full of sensory detail, and eventually real. Since then, she spent over 20 years attuning her mind and body to truly listen to that internal voice that can predict or advise and is inspired by a greater power. Now she helps others to strengthen their inner voice by improving mental and physical health to synchronize the mind-body connection.

As an intuitive energy healer and medium, she hosts The Intuitive Woman Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores intuition. She is a yoga instructor and Reiki Master Teacher at The Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine. She works with women to develop their intuition, connect with their inner guidance and create a passionate, spiritual life.


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