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Passion to Profit in 6 weeks

FosterU is a 6-week workshop series for women looking to launch a business or take their new business ideas to the next level. Throughout the series, weekly modules will tackle a different aspect of business including: 


  • finding your purpose for your new business

  • expanding upon your vision

  • outlining & writing your business plan

  • legal and financial fundamentals

  • defining and building your personal brand

  • developing marketing, pr and sales strategies

  • setting goals and action plans

  • launch tactics and sustainability models 


This series is for women that are ready to take action and be pushed outside of their comfort zones. My commitment to you is that at the end of this series, you will be ready to launch your business and start making money.  


Click Here to fill out an application to join FosterU.


There is no better mentor than Hayley Foster to help you realize your goals with your small business!!! I highly encourage any moms out there looking for knowledge, inspiration and insight on how to take their business to the next level to sign up for Hayley's course. I have personally been working with Hayley for almost 3 years now and couldn't have imagined the business growth I have seen with my own company, Out of the Box Creations, without her support and guidance.

Jessica Garmise

Out of the Box Creations

Sick of the day job and want to foster your passion into a business? Then FosterU Is for you!!!! Not only do I believe in all things FosterU but I put my full heart and greatest recommendation behind Hayley Foster and all she can do to help guide you to your own personal success. Not only is this course the fundamentals and knowledge of Hayley's many years in business, but a network of other passion hungry entrepreneurs and leaders come along with all Hayley curates. Take a look, ask me any questions, please forward on to any of your friends who you know need this course TODAY!!

Jema Valle

Date Night Planners

Back when I was looking to turn my "Cooking Passion" into a business, I was introduced to Hayley Foster. Fate took its course! Not only did she guide, organize and inspire me, but she also introduced me to countless contacts along the way. Her networking outlets are endless and her innate way to recognize just what a developing company needs is priceless. She's just the "FIRE" you are looking for! 

Nicole Meyer

Nibble by Nic

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I couldn't have imagined this business growth without her.

A network of passion hungry entrepreneurs

An innate way to recognize what a developing company needs

Previous Series Speakers:

Agatha Kluk

Agatha represents entrepreneurs, companies, investors and creatives in a variety of industries — digital and social media, software, retail, healthcare, creative agencies, venture capital, and boutique studios, restaurants and liquor companies.  She works on company formations, mergers and acquisitions, employee equity incentives and executive hiring, intellectual property and licensing matters, contract review and general compliance issues.  Agatha also acts as a part-time general counsel to many of her clients and advises on day to day legal issues that arise during the life cycle of their business.  

Founder, Kluk Pianko Law PLLC

Debbie Miraglia

Deborah Miraglia, is all about the numbers and has been for the past 30 years.  Deb is a financial adviser, teacher and Quickbooks Pro.  She's been able to take a boring/confusing subject like accounting and get many business owners to understand and appreciate the profound impact good books can have on their business intelligence. Deborah strategizes and advises small businesses to help them get the most from their numbers in order to make financially sound business decisions.  At the Business Development Center at Hofstra University, Deborah teaches the financial portion of the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program.  

Owner, Miraglia Associates

Jennifer Weissman

Jen Weissman is the Founder and President of Project X Brand Lab, an award-winning branding and advertising agency. Jen leads and directs cross-disciplinary development and execution of all client’s creative strategies. She is also responsible for representing and communicating Project X Media’s creative and business philosophy, methodology and capabilities to current and potential clients, as well as across all departments, business units and service lines. Her 20 years of experience serves her well as the critical link in bringing the theory of a great brand to life (both on- and offline) that serve as the touch points of a brand experience for customers.

Project X Brand Lab

Lou Diamond

From one connector to another, Lou is a Master when it comes to putting great people in touch with other great people.  His authenticity, energy and enthusiasm for what he does along with his unwavering passion and desire for helping people overcome their fear in Sales and achieve their dreams. He will send you on your way feeling as though you can conquer the world.... and make tons of great new connections doing it. 


Aside from selling everything under the sun for most of his adult life, Lou Diamond is an energetic, comical, inspirational, not-afraid-to-get-his hands dirty leader and coach.  Lou believes he is one of the most fortunate individuals on the planet as he gets to work with some of the most incredible people and make them be even more amazing. His authenticity is only matched by his passion and desire to help others achieve their dreams.  He is the author of the soon to be released book ‘Master the Art of Connecting’ and one of the most powerful ‘connectors’ you’ll ever encounter.

Founder, Thrive Partners

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